10 Keys to Accelerate Success
Geplaatst op 5 oktober 2018 door Ronald Swensson

1. See the big picture. Think big instead of small! Successful people expect the best, and they generally get it, because expectations have a way of attracting to us their material equivalent. Since our lives correspond pretty much to the expectations we have of it, the achiever will argue, why not think big instead of small? So move forward, see the big picture and only look back if you want to learn from it.

2. Find mastery. To succeed, practice your craft and focus. Enduring success is built on discipline and requires concentration of effort and focus. It’s easy to lose your focus to social media, e-mail or people who are asking frequently for your help (and they bring mostly negative energy) than to focus on things that bring you closer to your personal goals. Most people disperse their energy over too many things and fail to be outstanding in anything.

3. Do the work you love. Use your natural talents and abilities and arrange your day to spend more time on the things you do the best and you like the most. Still searching for those things? Dreading another dull day in the office? How long will you stay in this situation? Say Hell No! Find another job, embrace failure and keep on trying. Successful people just keep on trying until they succeed in something they really really love.

4. Be positive. Live in the present and banish negative thoughts. In our evolutionary history, worry and fear were important - they kept us alive in dangerous situations. While we’re no longer fleeing from sharp-toothed animals, many of us still worrying about the past or making negative projections about the future. Give yourself a pep talk and believe in yourself, so that the outside world’s negativity won’t matter. If you can’t change it, don’t bother!

5. Be cooperative. As we evolved, we developed the ability to cooperate: doing so helped us survive. Dale Carnegie advised us that the first step in a successful cooperation is to listen active and to show respect for the other person's opinion. Being cooperative is the glue which keeps a team together, a bond which promotes strength, unity, reliability, support and goal driven.

6. Trust your intuition. Accept your inherent irrationality. Successful people have a good relationship with their unconscious or subconscious mind. They trust their intuition, and because intuitions are usually right, they seem to enjoy more luck than others. They have discovered one of the great success secrets: that the non-rational mind perfectly solves problems and creates solutions when trusted to do so.

7. Do it step-by-step. Make small changes for big results. Change is most lasting when it’s built on small positive habits. Find tweaks you can make today and you’ll be on your way to building practices that make for a happier, more productive tomorrow. 

8. Be curious and learn. Look into the habits of the successful, and you will find that they are usually great readers and they are willing to learn. If you can read about the accomplishments of those you admire, you cannot help but lift your own sights. Also benchmark your skills, learn, and realize that your company is changing. Be part of that change.

9. Be always customer-oriented. Businesses succeed and fail because of customers. Do everything you can to understand your customer’s wants/needs/pains and focus on ways to satisfy those needs (or to eliminate those pains). Cultivate customer relationships and accept that you must sow before you can reap. 

10. Focus on sales. You must, without any doubt, know what you are selling, how you are better than your competition, and who buys from you. And then maintain focus as you generate sales. Go the extra mile as this brings better profit for now and better opportunities in the future. 

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