50 Visual Tools for Better Business
Geplaatst op 3 april 2017 door Ronald Swensson

We live in a time where little is predictable. Many companies navigate in a marketplace where competitors appear overnight or claim something new unexpectedly. Customers have rising demands and new understanding of speed, brand relationship and personalisation. And business plans rarely last a full year. Companies are looking for new revenue streams, new ways to add value for their customers and new business models. To achieve this, we need new skills, new tools and a new mindset. In today’s world we need to think like designers and use visual tools for strategy and business innovation. These tools can be used to make complex issues simple and understandable, to create future scenarios and look ahead. And to generate different options and develop new ideas. Visual tools are easy to understand by everyone. They help you unlock the potential within your company, collect all feasible ideas and make strategy an experience that motivates highly. In order to be able to use visual tools, you need a completely different mindset, so forget (almost) everything you learned during your business classes. 

Our visual tools - we call them INNOmaps and we produced 50 of them - can help you on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better business results. They are all grounded in existing theories and practices of business innovation, business design, and business development. It draws on a study of many hundreds of tools currently being used - we have included only the ones which professionals found most useful. An INNOmap is quick to use - download and print it or project it on a Smartboard - simple to apply, and it is designed to help even busy business people! Plan your strategy beforehand and decide which INNOmap(s) you need to get the results you want. For example, do you want to create a shared vision, a new business model or a new or better product/service for your customers? Choose one or more of the 50 INNOmaps and start with your team! Our INNOmaps are all free of charge. Why? Because we like to share our knowledge and we hope that we can help you to look at your business from a different angle. 

Our 50 INNOmaps are: After Action Review, Ansoff Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, BIP Business Innovation Process, Blue Ocean Strategy, Building Partnerships Map, Business Innovation Flowchart, Business Model Canvas, COCD-Box, Context Trend Canvas, Customer Journey, Customer Strategy, Customer Value Map, Empathy Map, Evidence Planning, Experience Tour, Five Bold Steps Vision Canvas, Go-No-Go Decision Matrix, Idea Canvas, Innovation Compass, Innovation Matrix, Lead Generation Map, Learning Loop, Marketing Mix, Mind Map, Napkin Idea, OGSM, One-Page Strategic Plan, People Shadowing, Personas, Play-to-Win Strategy Canvas, Porter's Five Forces, Porter's Value Chain, Problem Definition, Reframing Matrix, Risk Assessment Map, Sales Balanced Scorecard, Sales Roadmap, SCAMPER, Sellogram, Solution Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Target Group, Thinking Hats, Trend Canvas, Triple P Model, Types of Innovation, Value Proposition Map, Vision Board, Visual Mapping.