Amsterdam - December 18, 2019 - Sellingnet, a Dutch training and performance improvement company, has been named for the sixth successive year to European Training Industry's Top 20 Sales Training Companies list. Sellingnet has been recognized for providing outstanding service, has shown a tremendous amount of innovation in the sales training industry and has a proven track record for delivering superior training and improving the impact of the sales organisation. The Top 20 list recognizes the top providers for sales training in Europe. Sales training companies featured on this year’s list offers sales organisations the following benefits: 
- Providing a consultative experience; 
- A documented track record of ROI and customer satisfaction (at least 80% satisfied);
- Innovative offerings (specific training courses, methodology and delivery methods); 
- Contributions to the sales training market;  
- Experience serving the market.  

Sellingnet develops customized sales training programs that change behaviors and provide measurable results. From assessing talent and developing sales teams through verifiable outcomes, coaching, and reinforcement, Sellingnet employs effective learning methodologies that draw on the best of interpersonal interactions to help build individual and organisational capabilities. Jan L. Wage - as co-founder of Sellingnet, who sadly passed away in 2017 at the age of 95 - has spent 60 years examining every type of sales conversation - deconstructing them, rebuilding them, and making them learnable and repeatable for each stage of the sales cycle which has covered in the eBook Klanten maken! (download for free). Sellingnet has been recognized for providing outstanding service and a proven track record for delivering superior training and improving the impact of sales organisations. Sellingnet was also named for the sixth successive year to European Training Industry's Top 20 Content Development Companies list for Sellingnet's research projects. “Receiving these prestigious industry awards for the sixth year is a great honor and a great accomplishment for the team”, says Ronald Swensson, co-founder and managing partner of Sellingnet. “This recognition validates our dedication to provide our clients with relevant sales training and sales knowledge that have real impact on their sales results. We will continue to find new and innovative ways to keep sales professionals performing at the top of their game.

About Sellingnet 
Sellingnet is a Dutch sales performance company that helps sales organisations improve sales results. We work together with our clients on the following four areas: (1) a market appropriate business model, (2) better understanding of customer needs, (3) a sophisticated sales and marketing approach and (4) improving the efficiency of their sales teams. We equip sales teams with the skills and strategies they need to win in today’s complex selling environment. What is unique about Sellingnet is how we create truly customized training solutions that change behavior and provide measurable results.

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