Personal Brand Canvas : to build faster your personal brand on LinkedIn
Geplaatst op 10 april 2017 door Ronald Swensson

How to build your 
A good LinkedIn profile doesn’t just offer you a place to showcase your career and skills. It can also give you the chance to network with others, discover topics that are popular in your field and join in on those discussions, and allow you to become a experts on subjects that are important to you. 

Make that profile shine 
Have a good quality photo that reflects the style of the industry you want to join. 
Have a sharp summary at the top of your profile regarding your experience or offerings. 
Add your skills and experience and have as much detail on your profile as possible. 
Make sure you put a little bit of your personality into your profile – it shouldn’t be as formal as your CV. 

Be active and share 
Like and share relevant content to both your interests and your career interests - to give your profile personality. 
If you have a lot to say - think about creating your own posts to share. 
Post articles that show your passion for your profession - you’ll get noticed more and recognised for the interest and effort you have gone to. 
Try to add your own opinion to anything you repost - it shows you have one and helps others to understand why this post is important to you and for them. 
If you’re having trouble to make the time or find content you like – try LinkedIn’s Pulse app – it’s an easy way to find out what people in your network are talking about. 

Encourage connections 
Take advantage of face-to-face meetings to connect with people on LinkedIn. 
Build your network - start with friends, but try to connect with people who have known you professionally too. 
Give feedback on others (using the skills feature - rating and suggesting skills) - this encourages mutual feedback Join relevant groups and get involved in conversations. 
Connect with the right people to grow your network.