Why sales playbooks help sales teams achieve more
Posted on August 14, 2019 by Ronald Swensson

I define a sales playbook simply as: 'A conversation co-pilot that helps the sales team doing the right things right!' It implies (also) that a sales playbook can be different for each sales team, or each company depending on what and how they sell and how you want to support the team in each stage of the sales cycle. 

I also love Hubspot’s definition, which is more specific and aligns with how I like to create a sales playbook: 'A sales playbook is a document outlining your sales process; buyer personas; call scripts and agendas; sample emails; discovery, qualification, demo, and negotiation questions; proposal guidelines; and/or competitive intelligence guidelines. In other words, your sales playbook arms your reps with all the content and strategies they need to close a deal.' 

Without the cohesion of a sales playbook, everyone is doing things their own way. And it’s hard to steer a rowing boat and set a course if everyone is paddling without any coordination. Sales reps wasting time by constantly reinventing available content and resources. With everyone paddling without any coordination, it’s impossible to know what is working, and what isn’t. How can sales teams like this improve? How can they test new approaches in a meaningful way? How can they hold everyone to a common standard? How can sales teams like this stop spinning their wheels and actually grow? They can’t. These teams are operating in the past. Maybe a fun place for some people, but not a place to scale and grow your business. 

A sales playbook can be an indicator of a leadership style that extends beyond the playbook itself. It speaks to how well a sales team is running and managed. It demonstrates alignment, repeatable processes, accountability, expectation management. It guides the culture and coaching and ongoing investments into skill development of the sales team. So start today with a sales playbook, a conversation co-pilot that helps your sales team doing the right things right! Download our sales primer.