Without these five steps your sales team is running around in circles
Geplaatst op 8 september 2018 door Ronald Swensson

In a hypercompetitive environment today, sales organizations are facing immense challenges stemming from demands for higher revenue growth and cost efficiency. Mature sales structures are being put to the test everywhere. Large corporations and mid-sized firms are striving to improve their sales excellence in order to profit even more from the sales side. The ideal sales organization may look different depending on the industry, but a sales optimization always involves five steps: 

Sales Strategy. Setting your priorities right is putting the right sales targets and budgets in place. That can only be done when you are fully knowledgeable of the strategic importance of markets and customer segments. Yet this knowledge is often what’s missing. Start with our free business innovation tools to create better business results. 

Market Approach. Ensure growth with the best possible market development. What is the best mixture of direct and indirect as well as physical and digital sales channels? Start for example with our Lead Generation Map to improve and sustain on how you get more qualified leads. 

Sales Structure. Create sales structure efficiency with the right sales organization. How many hunters and farmers does your sales organization need? What about key account managers and inside sales? How should responsibilities and interfaces be organized? See the bigger picture with our Sales Roadmap

Pricing Strategy. Boost profitability with the right prices. Your typical sales rep pays great attention to the number of closed deals or other sales targets, but the profitability of orders is often neglected. When did you last interview your customers about your pricing? And why don’t you coach your sales reps on higher prices? Pricing is the basis of your business and it is the most important factor in profitability. Start with our Customer Value Map

Sales Controlling. One of the most important responsibilities of a sales manager is to exercise control over sales and the performance of selling/sales activities. Sales need to be controlled both on an ongoing (continuous) basis as well as overall, periodically. The sales control function assists the manager in ascertaining which level of sales have been achieved and why there has been a variance. Download our poster with 100 Sales Metrics

There is no optimal way of organizing your sales, but there is the one right path to sales excellence. This path will take you through five steps covering sales strategy, market approach, sales structure, pricing strategy and sales controlling. The end game, strong sales, needs direction and implementation before it can really take off and achieve maximum results. 

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